Random thoughts: About playlists

Around a year and a half I got my hands on my first iPod, a classic 4th generation with 120GB of space for my music.  The experience was good until it broke for no apparent reason two weeks later, and long story short, I had to replace it two times before the shop gave me one that actually worked.

It was not too long ago that I discovered, nearly by accident, that this device has the ability to keep track of everything you listen, something that serves several purposes, such as keeping your Last.fm profile updated when you’re scrobbling directly from your iPod.  But even more interesting, this function serves the purpose of keeping a playlist of your top 25 most listened tracks.  Yeah, I know, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I’m usually focused on listening specific records for long periods of time that I completely forgot to explore this kind of functionality.

As you must know, I live in a city cluttered with traffic no matter what day and no matter what hour, and one friday morning while struggling to get to work in time I picked this playlist and let it roll from start to finish (yes, I actually had the time to listen to it from start to finish before getting to the office).  This are the results:

First song to come up was Rocket by Goldfrapp, which I don’t remember listening THAT much in the first place, but for some reason is sitting there comfortable.  Synthpop never felt this fun since the 80s I think.  Second and third place were both claimed by indie-pop band Ivy, with I think of you and Hideaway, and I have to confess now that I still have a fixation with those two songs…  Fourth place belongs to Marsianskiye glaza by Russia’s favorite duo t.A.T.u., and although I can’t recognize two words of what they are singing in that song, it somehow made it that high on my personal chart (for the record, my fixation with that song lasted a very short amount of time, but it was enough to claim a spot, haven’t listened to it in about a year though).

It was at this point that I first noticed how biased this playlist was.  No need to go down and explain the 21 songs left.  This playlist is at best, a reflection of how much I got stuck at some songs during the last year and a half.  I’m a little bit disappointed with this of course, because the potential to make the ultimate personalized playlist is there, and is wasted for the most part. 

Note to self:  Be sure not to stay in the same song for more than two weeks next time.


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