Bent – Ariels

Bent - Ariels (2004)

Bent - Ariels (2004)

This is for lack of better words, an uncomplicated and easy album, so easy that in fact is one of those rare occasions when you just need two or three full listens and you feel already at home.  And this wouldn’t be a surprise if it weren’t for the vast amount of diverse styles that can actually coexist in the same album.

This variety however does not feel like it is compromising other aspects, this actually manages to feel fresh and cheerful without any apparent effort while at the same time achieving a somewhat more serious approach nearing the end, but being careful of not taking it way too seriously, something we can be grateful for, because the result is a very diverse yet enjoyable experience.

There’s one detail I consider even more important though, and it is how incredibly suitable this album is for those willing to get into electronic music without the need to explore obscure paths or spending countless hours with less accessible materials, and with this I’m not necessarily implying that this is stuff exclusively for newcomers, because it is not, and this is yet another reason to give this a shot.

This English duo certainly did an amazing job blending happy, sensual, mellow and melancholic tunes with just the right amount of electronic influences and the right choice of guest voices for them.

For the happy and uplifting mood you need to explore songs like Comin’ Back, Silent Life or Sunday 29th.  For a more mellow and catchy experience look for As You Fall, Sing Me or On The Lake.  Or if you are looking for songs to use when you’re getting busy, try Now I Must Remember.

And if you discovered that all those different styles are not exactly mixed in a random way, trust me, it was not an accident.  The songs are ordered in such way that the experience is delivered to you the way the creators meant it to be.  You can almost feel this evolving inside you as it makes the transitions through the different moods it offers.

Considering the fact that all the other albums by Bent are nowhere near to be as satisfying as Ariels, this one is by far, in my humble opinion, the best album by Bent so far.


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