Lisa Papineau – Night Moves

Lisa Papineau - Night Moves (2006)

Lisa Papineau - Night Moves (2006)

There is a moment when you realize that what you are listening to has long passed the conventional category and starts to take into a more interesting experience, and yet you know that no matter how hard you try, it will be near impossible to convince other people about it. Night Moves is my attempt to convince someone else of how brilliant this French-American artist is, and still know that very few will agree with me.

Lisa Papineau apparently had a very prolific era collaborating with other artists, until she decided to launch a career on her own. And while she took a completely different path than the artists she used to collaborate with, is evident that she knew what she wanted to do, as there is no hesitation in anything that she does here. Also I’m being cautious here in order to not label this album as something that it is not, because truth to be told, this is brilliant, but it somehow falls short of being something more beyond that.

For my own experience, this album can be a little misleading. I foolishly assumed that most of the songs would be like Out to you and Power and glory Part 1, and found myself with some more diverse and somewhat vague songs that don’t really relate to the ones I mentioned. Yes, in the end they kind of work together, but I would have hoped for more of the first and less of the later. Also yes, it is quite difficult not to notice the french influence the music has. What would you expect from an artist living in Paris after all?

I for once will declare myself not a fan of Papineau’s voice, but she has proved to be an accomplished songwriter, so listening her sing to this songs makes sense, she makes them work the way they were intended in the first place, and that is so much important than perfect and educated vocals singing uninspired lyrics by someone else in my book.

I do like the reflexive, calm and almost mysterious aura that surrounds the first songs (except for the unfortunate timing of Sucking, Jiving, still to this day I believe it does not belong between the songs that surround it). From the middle and onwards is a different story, it feels completely different and it almost lost me there, and not because it is not worth it, I just don’t fancy those songs that much.

And as with everything that comes from Europe, you can’t help to analyze this as some sort of art. It has some flaws and undoubtedly is not perfect, but you just need to take a few steps back and the flaws start to blurry and blend with the other elements. The result is something completely different, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Lisa Papineau – Night Moves

  1. If you are interested, I recently did an interview with Lisa that you can check out here: or via the Itunes store (search zyzxx).

    She is one of my faves. I interviewed her for the debut episode of my music and humor podcast (based on an old fanzine I self published in the 90’s).

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