Infant Sorrow – Get Him To The Greek

Infant Sorrow - Get Him To The Greek (2010)

Infant Sorrow - Get Him To The Greek (2010)

Infant Sorrow is the greatest, the biggest and the craziest rock band that ever walked among us. His front man and leader, Aldous Snow, is one of those rare specimens that seem to act like human laws simply don’t have a jurisdiction on him… How is that called nowadays?  Anarchy? I’m not sure, but it certainly is appealing and entertaining to watch someone break any established rule and act with disdain in almost any situation imaginable.

However, there’s just one little problem: Infant Sorrow is not actually a real band, and Aldous Snow is in fact an actor that goes in real life by the name of Russell Brand. Get Him To The Greek was the result of the movie of the same name, to which this album serves as its soundtrack.

Instead of featuring 20 songs from all sort of artists, someone had the clever idea of having  a full album featuring the band depicted in the movie, and what a surprise, this actually sounds awesome, I could almost say that this sounds a lot better than half of the real bands out there, and is a very entertaining and funny album too.

Russell Brand is fully immersed in his character here, and although he has admittedly said that all he did was lend his voice to the project, the end result does a lot more than just provide a few background songs to a bland film. Soon enough you’ll forget about the film and this album will come alive on his own, and you will almost wish that Infant Sorrow were a real band.

The people behind the music and lyrics of Get Him To The Greek were actually real musicians, which under the persuasion from actor Jason Segel (the film producer and writer) pulled an impressive collection of songs that range from pop/rock catchy tunes to some more elaborate alternative rock inspired songs. There is a catch however, and it is that all of the songs are in some way or another inspired by very explicit and questionable subjects, so don’t be surprised to be caught listening a song about a “love drug dealer” (Gang of Lust), the next minute a song about a gonorrhea infection (The Clap), a self proclamation of being some sort of Jesus / Mahatma / Zoroaster divinity (I Am Jesus), or even a song depicting having sex while under the influence of heroin (Fucking On Heroin).

All of the above however doesn’t diminish the incredible replay value this album has, as the songs are in no way meant to be discarded just because of the questionable lyrics. I consider this to be an exercise of how would it be to have an artist this hardcore, raw and unconcerned about common conventions about music. At the end of the day none of this is real, but it won’t stop you from enjoying this even more than some real bands out there.

Most of the songs are controversial on their own, and that ensures funny moments and some guilty smiles every time you listen to it (hence the replay value). This wouldn’t be possible without the surprisingly good Brand’s singing abilities, which for someone whose career is being an actor, delivers a very decent interpretation all the way through, and manages to stay in character and give this album this rad feeling even in the more “serious” and emotive moments, such as the hilariously comic and still romantic Jackie Q (I am curious about the relation between this song title and Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Suzie Q back from the 70s), or during the glam rock inspired Fucking On Heroin (amazing ballad).

It is a little sad to realize that something like this can only be done in the context of a movie, and the only real chance of getting another proper Infant Sorrow album would be another movie featuring Rusell Brand’s character, but that doesn’t seem very likely, so all we have left is enjoy this interesting experiment and learn to not take music way too seriously sometimes.


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