The Music Hideout: Now with more samples!

A good old friend of mine told me once that it would be a lot easier to understand my boring reviews if there were at least a couple of samples to listen every time there is a new review. I’m a little slow sometimes, and while I’m well aware of the extra job it represents, I’m doing an effort to upload a couple of samples for every review I do.

Nothing flashy, just a couple of tracks I enjoy from the album being reviewed. Also I’m planning on doing this backwards, which means uploading a couple of tracks for each one of the about 50+ reviews I’ve done during this adventure. It will take me some time to catch up on all of my past reviews, that’s for sure, but hopefully it will help to shed some light on those folks who are looking for some tunes that can go along with the reviews.

Thanks for reading… and now listening 🙂


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